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What Makes Your Business Survive Amidst the Lockdown

The human race is undergoing the biggest transformation. Some say that it is nature’s reset button. Others refer to it as a cycle of a global pandemic occurring every 100 years. While these speculations take rationale to refer to it as the Covid 19 outbreak. In this period of lockdown, uncertainty is very common for every business. Nobody is sure when normal operations would resume. Amidst this turmoil, there is one thing that will help businesses stay afloat! It is strategy РThe right strategy to help your business weather the Covid 19 storm.

In this article, we will discuss the complete Covid 19 strategy for businesses. This is expected to be a 6 month journey. Post this pandemic, businesses will be forced to re-think. They would need to come up with ideas which will help them align themselves with a very different market scenario.

10 Online Marketing tips during the Corona Crisis 

There are several marketing tips available on Youtube and other knowledge sharing platforms. Generic tips will not help you cater to the questions your business is asking. We will tell you how to set things on a secured rail. Let not Covid 19 take away your share of growth during this pandemic. Growth will be slow but we can make it sustainable with the right Online Marketing Tips During Corona 

  1. Do not go overboard with advertising – This is not the hour of advertising your products or services. Advertising aggressively over the net will not satisfy customers. It will detract them from your brand. It is very important to send out the right message. Be sublime and give a very poignant message to your customers. Tell them that you are with them during this hour of crisis.
  2. Assure your presence – Do not go overboard but assure your presence in front of your customers. A strong online message will assure your customers. 
  3. Tell them that your brand is proactive – In case you are in the services sector, mention your availability. In case you are not operational, mention the tentative dates when you will resume operations.
  4. Give out empathy – Irrespective of your line of business, make sure that you send out your emathies for the ones affected. The entire world is fighting the Covid 19 outbreak and many have passed on to the other side of life. 
  5. Warm empathetic messages – help in connecting with the customers. This is a golden online marketing strategy.
  6. Connect with your audience – it is very important to establish the connection with your audience. In online business, this connection is vital for customer conversion.
  7. Re-strategy – re-strategy is one of the most important aspects of customer management and business ROI conversion. 
  8. Innovate and focus on the important line of business – This is a single rule for all businesses. You need to fundamentally focus on the most important line of your business. Online marketing under Covid 19 will have a more refined focus. It cannot be aggressive. 
  9. Involve your audience – Connecting with the audience requires interactions. Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID19 will be different and refined. Today, we can only recommend reconnection of old bonds with your customers. 
  10. Using innovative marketing collaterals – Online Marketing will not be the same now. The content creation, ideas, targeted audience, creatives and banner texts will be different. A more mellowed down approach. 

Reviving to start up after lockdown 

Post lockdown, the scenario will be very different. A new era of business will begin with social distancing and remote communication. Jobs will be lost and created. The face of businesses will be different. Let us take a very practical example to start our discussion. Marketing trends are fast changing. Fine dining restaurants will now have to deal primarily with online customers. Thus, such businesses need to revive their marketing plan accordingly. They have to pipeline more resources to leverage the supply chain of food delivery!

Adapt new strategy during the coronavirus lockdown

A  new strategy is very important for all businesses. Just like the restaurant business, every existing online marketing or offline marketing has to be changed. There are certain businesses which will need a re-launch. Yes, in these difficult times, your brand should be of relevance. With relevance, your brand will get the necessary importance. The approach should always assure the customers that the brand is trying its extend its support during this crisis. Be careful not to sound over concerned. You should not be seen as a brand trying to capitalize on the crisis.

What’s the future of your company

The future of your company lies in how well you followed the right Online Marketing Tips During the Corona outbreak. However, it is not a mandate or ultimatum from our end. We advocate a change in the overall market perception held by brands across the world. Today, they should focus on adding value rather than just fulfilling human wants. The pre-Covid 19 periods will be much different from the post-Covid 19 periods. It would take a quantum shift of marketing strategy to handle the Covid market.

The choice of a digital marketing partner is vital in this volatile market. Thus, it is very important to choose wisely. A good digital marketing company in Kolkata can come a long way in upholding brand value. The transition of global conscience in the Covid 19 backdrop is well understood by expert digital agencies. Their branding ideas and policies can be very effective in bringing value even in a plummeting global market. The coming days will be tough but social understanding and business maturity can secure our future. The future of humanity will depend on how we react to various crisis situations. This is a challenge and an opportunity for mankind. The whole world is affected. Hence, the solution should also be global. Plus, we would need a global mindset which believes in value and truth.