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Top Questions You May Have Regarding Digital Marketing

Boost Your Business with Effective Digital Marketing Tools & Strategies.

Digital marketing is the need of the hour. This is the universal truth! Businesses are aware of the fact that marketing of products and services in the digital market ensures great outreach, drives quality traffic, generate valuable leads and maximizes profits appropriately. Unlike traditional marketing, the digital one is in fact quite interesting and inspiring. You get multiple platforms to promote your product and service. There are numerous marketing tools to help you scale your business seamlessly in today’s time.  Implementation of innovative strategies successfully in a consistent manner helps businesses to stay ahead of its competitors in the digital market. Therefore, it is very crucial to get hold of a genuine online marketing agency and clear all your queries regarding online marketing. Once you gain a comprehensive knowledge about web-based marketing, different marketing tools and their benefits, it would be then very easy for you to boost your business effectively and confidently.

Following are the most common questions that you may ask to your digital marketing service provider:

1) What is the maximum time limit to see SEO results?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continuous process and it helps your website to become more visible and improves ranking on search engines. You have to put lot of efforts and adjust appropriately to the Google’s algorithm that is evolving continuously to keep on driving traffic and improving your business visibility. More or less you can expect to see results in 4 to 6 months. As SEO results grow over time, so you can see for yourself that in 12 months the results will be better if you keep on putting your hard work to promote your business in the digital market.

2) What is the significance of keyword research?

Keyword research is done by every reliable web marketing agency to identify and gain an idea about the potential/ profitable keywords that are most searchable and relevant to your business niche. Proper placement of such keywords in your web content helps to optimize your website and improve ranking on Google and other notable search engines. 

3) What is the best way to start Social Media campaign?

To increase your business presence on the social platforms, all you require to do is create engaging and informative posts along with catchy and appealing infographics, pictures and videos. These help driving huge organic traffic, increase social media engagements conveniently and generate leads. Now, when you post consistently and start driving organic traffic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, it is the time to initiate social media campaign with sponsored ads to bring in more traffic to your business page and website.

4) What is Local SEO & How will it help my business?

To ensure your business get found easily by your local potential customers, you should enlist your business details on Business listing website like Google My Business and optimize with relevant keywords accordingly to meet the search queries of your local potential customers. This helps a user to get aware of your local business, business location, activities, operation time and many other things related to your business. Eventually this helps in enhancing brand awareness and driving conversion.

5) How to drive Online Traffic to my website in short time?

Though there are several techniques or strategies (Guest Blogging, Email Marketing, Social Marketing, Video Marketing, etc.) to drive traffic to your website, however, the most popular and one of the fastest ways is to run paid ads on Google. Investing in Google Adwords would ensure your website get the desired visibility and appear in front of the user immediately whenever that particular user put the search terms or keywords which are similar and relevant to your business.

6) Why is Blogging Important?

Blogging is the most effective way to promote or market your business or communicate with the new and existing customers through informative, meaningful, engaging and SEO-friendly content. This helps drive considerable amount of organic traffic, optimize your website and achieve better ranking on Google and other search engines conveniently.  

7) How organic ranking is different from the Google Adwords?

Based on your website’s visibility and overall services that it offers, the traffic that gets generated naturally to your site enhance the organic ranking. On the other hand, Google Ads is a paid advertisement service of Google to facilitate websites to be more visible and boost online presence. Businesses pay to run ads for their websites, as this tool ensures the ad to be placed at the top or side bars of a result page. This helps in targeting audience based on keyword searches, as the advertiser has to pay whenever anyone click on the ads, it operates on a pay-per-click basis.

8) What is meant by lead generation?

Lead generation is one of the digital marketing strategies to reach out to a potential customer by collecting the basic information, as in name, email and contact number to eventually boost conversion and turn those prospective leads in to real buyers of the business.

9) What do you mean by conversion optimization?

Conversion optimization means the understanding of the ration of visitors to its actual customers. Conversion is when a user makes a purchase rather than just checking and browsing the web pages or content and simply leaves the website. Web pages can be optimized accordingly after analyzing, that would help to understand which pages affect conversion better.

10) How can email-marketing help my business?

This is one of the most effective marketing tool and helps promote your products or services to the audience who shows interest in your business. Relevant, valuable and meaningful Email marketing ensures customer retention, increases credibility and boosts your business.

11) What is the importance of SMS & WhatsApp marketing?

To create and maintain a strong connection between you and your potential customers, SMS & WhatsApp Marketing is what you need. Wingtail Digital use Bulk Whatsapp marketing strategy to promote your business in the most innovative and effective way. Personalized messages create a positive impression of your business immediately in the reader’s mind, build trust and drive customer loyalty efficiently.

 12) How Wingtail Digital can help drive customers to my e-commerce site?

Wingtail Digital ensures to optimize your e-commerce website in front of the users by implementing result-driven digital marketing strategies. Promoting your business on social platforms to draw attention of the target audience and relevant users will help to escalate your business. Optimization of the product pages with short, product-oriented keywords that have high chances to match the search terms of a user on the lookout to purchase a particular product.  Besides social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, we also leverage SEO, PPC & content marketing.  


Honestly, these are the most common queries that people generally have regarding digital marketing. So that is the reason in this blog we throw light on such frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) to make it much easier for you beforehand to gain a sound idea about digital marketing and provide relevant answers to your possible queries. Before getting in touch with a digital marketing partner, you should definitely give some thought to the above-highlighted questions and the related answers Make sure to visit the social media accounts or the official website of Wingtail Digital, a popular digital marketing company in Kolkata, if you really want to acquire a comprehensive knowledge about digital marketing.