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Digital Marketing Blogs to follow

The 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs That Every Business Should Bookmark

Importance of digital marketing blogs to help you boost business efficiently

In this digital era, people are going crazy to surpass one another in order to increase online presence and get maximum visibility to boost their business in the online market. There are some popular digital marketing blogs which are original, informative and extremely valuable for any businesses to gain recognition in the online world.

1. Kissmetrics:

Digital Marketing Stats & Studies (https://www.kissmetricshq.com/)

This blog helps you to know and understand your customers through deep insights. The blog contains digital marketing tests, statistics and studies. You will have knowledge and ideas to engage your customer in a better way and increase conversion easily.

2. The Moz Blog:

Search Engine Marketing (https://moz.com/blog)

Moz blog can be the best guide for you to understand and gain more knowledge on SEO practice and strategy. The blog posts contain valuable information on internet marketing and effective utilization of the strategies. You will get tips and advice to improve website SEO and brush your content marketing skill.

3. The Search Engine Journal


The blog posts are written by popular online marketing experts who give real-time advice to its audiences. You will get a lot of information on search marketing once you start following the blog.

4. Social Media Examiner: Social Media


To promote your business on social platforms, you need to form a creative and effective strategy to rule the market. Following this blog will help you to give proper shape to your social media strategies for different platforms. Even you will find articles on various topics- latest industry research, experts interview, news and social media updates.


5. Econsultancy:

Innovative and Latest Digital Marketing (https://econsultancy.com/blog/)

This blog is helpful for enthusiasts marketers as it covers all the aspects of online marketing and the advice by industry experts can become useful for your business growth.

6. Convince & Convert:

Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies (https://www.convinceandconvert.com/blog/)

Browsing through the articles you will get information and insights about various topics which are related to digital marketing. Besides, the blog also offers a wide variety of resources including e-books, podcasts, books, blogs and websites.

7. Content Marketing Institute:

Content Marketing  (https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/)

This blog will keep you informed and updated with the latest content marketing events. Here you will find original content marketing research like trends, budgets and content marketing industry-related news.

8. Buffer


Buffer is a dedicated digital marketing blog which contains informative and useful articles for its audiences. It helps you to become proficient in channelizing the SEO strategy to gain traffic and increase engagements.

9. MarketingProfs


The blog includes wide topics related to search marketing and the USP of this blog is the notable authors who write the blog posts. You will get priceless online marketing information by relying on MarketingProfs. You will get real-time solutions to your email marketing and social media strategy.

10. Copyblogger:

Craft Content Marketing Strategy (https://www.copyblogger.com/blog/)

This is a must follow blog if you really consider effective content marketing strategy can play important role in improving your website ranking. You will be able to hone your content marketing skill by following the blog posts.


Proper implementation of online marketing strategies gives an extra mileage to business and helps to drive more traffic and increase sales.The above-mentioned blogs are very important for any business to gain proper ideas and knowledge about the online marketing field, right usage of the marketing strategy and develop a clear understanding about the present condition of the digital market.