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Digital Marketing Influencers

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Influencer to Follow in 2019

The Ideal Digital Marketing Influencers to help you grow your business in the digital market

To improve your ranking in the Google search engine result pages, it is of utmost importance to get a comprehensive idea and clear picture about every detail required to do effective SEO in today’s time. Presently there are a number of Digital Marketers who have been influencing and guiding to take the correct steps in enhancing the visibility of your website and increase engagements appropriately.

The top 10 Digital Marketing Influencers to follow in 2019 are:-

1. Neil Patel

Quicksprout Blog (https://www.quicksprout.com/)

Recognised as the most influential digital marketer of the present time, Neil Patel enjoys tremendous fan and follower base. He makes it very simple for his followers to understand digital marketing strategies. He has the capability to engage his audiences instantly. Tutorials and blogs of this famous personality are easy to comprehend. Neil is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Hello Bar.

2. Rand Fishkin

The Moz Blog (https://moz.com/)

He is the host of the widely popular Whiteboard Friday, besides being the founder and former CEO of Moz. In the entire SEO industry, Rand is the most well-known personality. He is also the author of two globally popular SEO books – Inbound Marketing & SEO, and Art of SEO.

3. Barry Schwartz

Search Engine Roundtable (https://www.seroundtable.com/)

Editor of the extremely renowned Seroundtable –which has been referred to as the pulse of the digital marketing community. Barry is also the news editor of Search Engine Land and one of the first persons to inform about any Google algorithm update through his roundtable blog.

4. Danny Sullivan

Search Engine Land (https://searchengineland.com/)

Danny is the Founding Editor of Marketing Land. His contribution in the field of search engine- based marketing since 1986 is unmatchable to anyone. Daggle is his personal blog that he himself maintains despite tight schedule and work commitments and he also serves as the Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media, the publisher of Marketing Land.

5. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas Internet Marketing Blog (https://www.jeffbullas.com/)

He plays multiple roles in his justify– a blogger, a speaker, a consultant and a strategist and that’s exactly what influences his followers. Experienced in online corporate and personal branding, Jeff channelizes social media platforms effectively for the benefits of clients and companies.

6. Larry Kim

Wordstream (https://www.wordstream.com/)

Larry Kim introduced WordStream by offering internet consulting services and managing a team of technical experts and digital marketing professionals to develop and sell search engine marketing automation software.

7. John Rampton

John Rampton Blog  (https://www.johnrampton.com/)

John is widely known as the founder of Due- the online payment company. Besides, he is also regarded as the Search engine marketing guru. He was recently featured second in Entrepreneur magazine’s list of Top 50 Online Influencers in the World. (https://www.relevance.com/top-25-digital-marketing-influencers-to-follow-in-2017/)

8. Avinash Kaushik

Occam’s Razor (https://www.kaushik.net/avinash/)

He is popularly known as Google’s Digital Marketing Advocate and also a talented professional in the search marketing field who has the ability to make data simple.

9. Justin Cutroni

Analytics Talk (http://cutroni.com/)

This person has been instrumental for some of the globally recognised brand as he helped them to understand the process to leverage online data and digital analytics to enhance the businesses.

10. Ian Cleary

Razor Social (https://www.razorsocial.com/)

Razor Social is an award-winning marketing tech blog; Ian is the founder of it. He has more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry and has provided cutting-edge technology-based products to a number of industries over the years. Leading online publications like Huffington Post, VentureBeat and Entrepreneur.com post all his work often.


So, the above-mentioned names of the selected best digital marketers of the current time and the influential digital marketing activities by each one of them shall help you to find more of their interesting blogs and also provide comprehensive knowledge about the online marketing skills and the entire field of web marketing.

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