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Why Google Voice Search Will Be Adopted More To Optimize Website In 2019

What Is Voice Search?

Voice search is the most innovative and engaging way to retrieve accurate information just by speaking or giving commands to a smart speaker or a device that has voice or speech recognition technology build within. This makes use of the capacity of voice and speech recognition to search the internet. Eliminating the need for typing, this latest technological innovation allows you to search for the things that you are interested in only by speaking.

The Growing Popularity Of Voice Search in SEO

Due to constant research and development, there has been a rapid evolution of search technology. Researchers are putting in more efforts to facilitate people across the globe to use the internet in a much better way by boosting the overall user experience by integrating the speech or voice recognition technology in all those devices which people use to access the internet. In order to get accurate answers to your queries, you no need to type and enter search terms into search engine anymore. Just speaking out your query into your device – smartphone or computer would fetch you with relevant answers in seconds. Yes! This is what people across the globe are hooked on to currently.  

  • According to the latest discovery of Standford University, speech recognition technologies are now three times faster than typing.
  • More than 40% of adults and 50% of teenagers in the USA use voice search on a daily basis, as per research conducted by Google.
  • The speech recognition accuracy of Google Assistant, an artificial-intelligence powered virtual assistant developed by Google has increased to 95% since 2013. The method of voice search being an easy and hands-free alternative is adopted by a number of smartphone users across the globe. 

As per research that was done by SEO Tribunal, given below are some of the reasons why internet users are adopting the latest Artificial Intelligence SEO technique in huge numbers:

  • Voice Search offers precise results  – Statistics currently show that the speech rate is 95% error-free. Very soon this will jump to 99%, ensuring voice search the main way for humans interact with computers and smartphones.
  • It’s convenient to use – As we utter words faster than we type, so it becomes easier and much convenient to perform a search just by speaking. Keeping a detailed track of previous queries and streamlining the search process, virtual assistants are now more engaging and conversational in 2019.
  •  It allows users to perform other tasks – The evolution of search technology enables a person to remain involved in other tasks while speaking to a smart device in order to search for something. As per research, 52% while driving, 7.1% while working and 5.2% of mobile users while cooking used voice search. 
  • Voice recognition technology in mobiles – The power of voice technology and virtual assistants are incorporated nowadays into most of the mobiles by default. It ensures you to search for any places or help you with directions whenever you are outside.

About 12% of all Google searches are mobile voice queries.

Voice search is becoming a valuable tool to simplify the search process and quickly get answers without interrupting your other daily tasks. Now with Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana, any smartphone user can retrieve any information and navigate internet just by voice commands. This has also extended to the home, with the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home cropping up in houses across the world.

By 2020, ComScore has predicted that;

  • 50% of all searches will take place through voice search
  • 30% of searches will occur without a screen

To maximize your revenue, escalate your business presence and boost website visibility and search engine ranking, it is very crucial in today’s time to recognize the importance of voice search and incorporate it as a part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.

Here, we’ll take a look at four ways you can optimize your website to help it rank higher for voice searches.

1.  Target The Feature Snippets

A digital assistant often read out featured snippets when it answers to queries by users. So, it is important to set a target to achieve the top position which is a ‘tough task’ to pull off. To optimize your website for voice search accurately with relevant keywords is the need of the hour for businesses to stay ahead in the competition. Leveraging search technology would help a website to gain the desired visibility and build credibility. So, whenever a user searches for any information by speaking into a speech recognition device – be it mobile or computer, appropriate answer that ‘feature snippet’ block contains on the top of organic search result would be read out to the user right away. Besides providing direct and concise information to voice search query, it also features the web page title and URL. Being featured means getting an exclusive opportunity to boost your brand exposure.

To optimize your website for feature snippet, the following are the techniques you need to exercise dedicatedly and consistently:

  • Find all the common questions on your business niche or market which are often searched or asked by the users and write clear, specific, direct answers to meet the queries conveniently. This would help your website to boost ranking.
  • It is extremely crucial to write interesting and engaging content to help your website feature on the top of the search results. Also, ensure that the web pages and metadata are optimized perfectly.

2. Optimize Your Local SEO Perfectly

Make sure that your business website is optimized for local search on Google and on other online directories in a consistent format- containing your business name, address and phone numbers (NAP). This is one such step, that you cannot overlook or give a miss. As currently, 46% of users search for a local business by voice on a daily basis.

3. Make Your Website More Responsive

To ensure your website well optimized for voice search, you need to focus more on making your site more responsive and mobile friendly. Internet trend reports show that 20% of mobile searches were made using voice search in 2016 and that number only continues to rise. With new products and more refined technology, digital assistants are becoming a more typical and frequently used household item.

 4. Get Inside the Minds of Searchers

Optimizing website for voice search is way different from exercising traditional SEO, as users rather than typing any search term and entering into the search engine, speak out in natural language and use longer words. Instead of typing –  ‘top chicken recipes’, a user says – ‘what are the top chicken dishes to cook for dinner?’. So, this is, in fact, something very important to understand comprehensively and make appropriate applications. Businesses should focus more to level up digital marketing strategies and come up with competent keywords to boost website SEO by getting inside the minds of the searchers or potential customers.

Key Takeaways:

To provide convenient, unmatchable and compelling services to prospects, cash in on the latest trend is vital to boost website visibility and build credibility. Also, you will be much ahead of your competitors in the race, which is happening apparently every moment in the competitive digital market. Get in touch with Wingtail Digital, a prominent SEO company in Kolkata that has expert web marketing professionals who have rich knowledge and expertise in optimizing business websites for voice search. So, gear up and escalate your business by integrating the latest search option to optimize your website and be assured to drive more traffic successfully.